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About French Language

French pertains to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family; it grew from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman invaders. Before the Roman takeover of what is now France, the area was occupied by Celtic people called Gauls by the Romans. The Gauls language had little influence on French.
From the third century, Gaul was seized by Germanic tribes whose languages deeply marked the Vulgar Latin of the region; in particular its vocabulary. In 1539, King Francis I used French as the official language of government and legal proceedings in France, replacing Latin as the country's official written language. After a period of unification and standardization, the 17th and 18th centuries' spoken language became the basis of modern French. From the 17th century, the French enjoyed the status of the language of culture and politics all over the Western world. European colonization carried the French to the Americas, sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Status of the French Language

French is spoken in 53 countries, making it one of the most broadly spoken languages in the world. The number of French first and second speakers worldwide is estimated at 220 to 300 million people. It is an official, co-official or de facto national language of 29 countries. The countries that use French as a first or second language are France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. The rest are former French colonies in Africa and on the islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. French is also a second major language in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. The countries where French is spoken are listed below. Please note that some numbers are estimates and do not clearly show the division between first and second language speakers.
France --> official language --> 66 million
Canada --> official language used in all domains, along with English --> 7 million
Belgium --> official language, along with Dutch and German --> 4 million
Switzerland --> official language, along with German, Italian and Romansch --> 1.5 million 1st language and 2.5 million 2nd language speakers
Algeria --> no official status --> 16 million
Italy (Aosta Valley) --> official regional language, along with Italian and Slovenian --> 95,000
French Polynesia --> official language, along with Tahitian --> 184,000 1st language and 2nd language speakers
Gabon --> official language, the only language of formal education --> 1.24 million
Lebanon --> official language along with Arabic --> 1.9 million 1st language speakers
New Caledonia --> official language --> 53,000
Réunion --> official language --> 2,400 1st language and 161,000 2nd language speakers
Equatorial Guinea --> official language along with Spanish; increasingly used for wider communication --> 75,000 --> 100,000 2nd language speakers
Benin, Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mauritius, Monaco, Tunisia --> official or co-official language --> 10,000 – 40,000
Andorra, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Guadelupe, Mali, Martinique, Niger, Rwanda, Seychelles, --> official or co-official language --> under 10,000
Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, French Guiana, Guinea --> official or co-official langue --> no estimates available
Apart from it, there are several Creoles of French origin, spoken nowadays mainly in the Caribbean, the United States, and several islands in the Indian Ocean. They are listed below.
Caribbean: Amapá Creole in Brazil; Guadeloupean Creole in Guadeloupe, Martinique; Guianese Creole in French Guiana; Haitian Creole in Haiti, U.S.; Louisiana Creole in U.S.
Indian Ocean: Morisyen Creole in Mauritius; Réunion Creole in Réunion; Seychellois Creole in Seychelles
French is one of the official languages of the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU).
French is one of the most widely studied foreign languages. This is the second most widely studied in the United States after Spanish.

French Language Dialects

European Dialects of French: French of Europe is generally divided into two main dialects, which in turn include many regional varieties.
Langue d’oil: Northern and central varieties of French, including Belgium. One of the dialects of langue d’oil was françien which was spoken in Île de France. It became the base of standard French. However, it did not become most influential in all of France, in spite of it became a major international language of civilization, society, customs, traditions and diplomacy.
Langue d’oc: Southern varieties of French, together with the dialects of Switzerland and the Aosta Valley in Italy, nearly connected to Catalan.

Canadian Dialects of French:
All variants of Canadian French are different in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar from standard French. Canadian French is generally broken down into three varieties:
Québécois is spoken in Quebec. It is spoken by the vast people of French-speaking Canadians.
Franco-Ontariens is known as a very traditional French dialect. It is spoken in Ontario, western Canada, Labrador and New England.
In some parts of the Canadian Maritimes, the Acadians dialect is spoken by the Acadians people.

African Language Dialects

Africa has the most vital population of French speakers in the world. The varieties of African French are spoken in 31 African countries by over 100 million first and second language speakers. All variants of African French differ from standard French in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. They are frequently broken into several groups.
French varieties are spoken in West, Central and East Africa, with an estimated 75 million first and second languages spoken. Various types of French known as Maghreb French are spoken in northwest Africa, with an estimated 36 million first and second languages spoken. Variants of French spoken in the Indian Ocean, with around 1.6 million first and second speakers.

Word Order of the French Language

The basic order of words in French is Subject - Verb - Object, but many other orders are possible to indicate subject and emphasis. Word order is further complicated by the interaction between compound verb constructions, adverbial and object pronouns, inversions, imperatives, adverbs, and negative structures.

French Language Vocabulary

The French vocabulary is mainly based on Latin, meaning frère 'brother' of the Latin frater. Thus, it shares a large part of its main dictionary with other Romance languages. A study by Walter (1998) says that 12% of the common French words are found in a classic dictionary. About 25% of these loans are relatively new loanwords from English. Other languages that have contributed to the French lexicon include Italian, Old Germanic, Arabic, Celtic German, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Persian, and Sanskrit.

French Language Writing System

The Latin alphabet was a natural choice for writers working in the 11th century, even if it does not fit perfectly into a language whose sound system differs significantly from Latin. The French phonetic system highly changed in the 14th-16th centuries. Despite some attempts to reform the spelling of French, no major changes have been made in the past two centuries. Modern French spelling has not changed since 1740.

Below are some common words and phrases in French.

Bonjour [French to English translation] Hello, Good morning
Au revoir [French to English translation] Goodbye
Oui [French to English translation] Yes
Non [French to English translation] No
Merci [French to English translation] Thank you
Merci beaucoup [French to English translation] Thank you very much.
Fille [French to English translation] Girl
Garçon [French to English translation] Boy
Femme [French to English translation] Woman
Homme [French to English translation] Man
Amour [French to English translation] Love
Français [French to English translation] French
S’il vous plaît [French to English translation] Please
Bonsoir [French to English translation] Good evening
Bonne Nuit [French to English translation] Good night
Excusez-moi [French to English translation] Excuse me
De Rien [French to English translation] you’re welcome (casual, informal way).
Je vous en prie [French to English translation] you’re welcome (formal).
Temps [French to English translation] Time
Jour [French to English translation] Day
Monde [French to English translation] World
Monsieur [French to English translation] Mister, gentleman
Raison [French to English translation] Reason
Mademoiselle [French to English translation] Miss, unmarried woman
Madame [French to English translation] married woman, older woman
Beau [French to English translation] Handsome
Belle [French to English translation] Beautiful
Chat [French to English translation] Cat
Chien [French to English translation] Dog
Fort [French to English translation] Strong
Je suis désolé(e)[French to English translation] I’m sorry
Comment vous appelez-vous? [French to English translation] What is your name?
Parlez-vous anglais? [French to English translation] Do you speak English?
Je m’appelle[French to English translation] My name is
Comment allez-vous? [French to English translation] How are you doing?
Quelle heure est-il? [French to English translation] What time is it?
Pouvez-vous m’aider? [French to English translation] Can you help me?
Combien ça coûte? [French to English translation] How much is this?
Je t’aime [French to English translation] I love you.

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