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About Tagalog (Filipino) Language

Tagalog (Filipino) relates to the Polynesian Malay branch of the Austronesian language family. The name of the language comes from tagáílog, from tagá– “native” + ílog “river”. It is spoken as a mother tongue by 21.5 million people, and it is the second language of most Filipinos. Tagalog is also spoken in Canada, Guam, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The total number of Tagalog language speakers is estimated at 24.2 million (ethnographic) around the world. It is the sixth most spoken language in the United States and the language of Filipinos worldwide.
Tagalog originally originated in southern Luzon and was later popularized as a second language for all the islands of the Philippine archipelago, as it was chosen as the basis for Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, in 1937 and the fact that Tagalog is spoken in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, and the largest city in the country. Tagalog was also known as Filipino. Later in 1987, the name was changed to Filipino.

Status of the Tagalog (Filipino) Language

Tagalog is one of the main languages of the Republic of the Philippines. It functions as a language and is de facto the national working language of the country. It was used as the base for the development of Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, a country with 181 registered languages.
It is spoken in central and southern Luzon; in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and on several other islands. As stated in the 2000 Philippine Census, 21.5 million people admit Tagalog as their first language. In addition, approximately 50 million Filipinos use Tagalog as a second language in their daily conversation.
English is the medium language for higher education and is the maximum widely spoken language in the Philippines, second only to Filipino. Many Filipinos who are well-versed in English usually switch from Tagalog to English for multiple reasons. This mixed language is called Taglish.
It is also common among educated townspeople than in rural areas. Frequent contact between Tagalog and Hispanics during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines gave rise to Filipino Creole Spanish known as Chabacano. Since 1940, the Filipino language has been taught in schools in the Philippines. Tagalog is also the language of important literary works, films, and media.

Writing System of the Tagalog (Filipino) Language

In 1593, the first book written in Tagalog was "Doctrina Cristiana". The first Tagalog dictionaries and grammars were created by Spanish missionaries during the 300-year Spanish occupation of the Philippines. Alphabet, 16th-century Spanish writers reported that the use of writing was only found in the Manila region during the first touch with Spain. This typeface spread to other islands later, in the middle of the 16th century.
The inhabitant of Spain called the old Filipino calligraphy the "Tagalog script" regardless of the language spoken. The so-called "Tagalog letters" are actually a writing system called Baybayin that was used until the 17th century, when it was slowly replaced by the Latin alphabet still in use today. The word Baybayin (an ancient pre-colonial Philippine writing system) means "alphabet". The Baybayin alphabet presumably evolved from a Javanese script adapted from a Pallava script, which was later derived from the ancient Indian script of Brahmi. The main use of Baybayin is for texts, poems, and spells. Nowadays, the Baybayin alphabet is used chiefly for beautifying purposes, although there have been attempts to revive its use.
Baybayin is an old pre-colonial Filipino writing system. It is a member of the Brahmic group of India and was used in the 16th century. It was used during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines until the end of the 19th century. The script is well understood because it was nicely documented by Catholic clergy who were in the Philippines during the colonial period. The word Baybay actually means "to spell" in Tagalog. Baybayin has been widely documented by the Spanish. Baybayin is one of several individual writing systems used in Southeast Asia, almost all of the Abugidas, in which each consonant is pronounced with its inherent vowel following it, diacritical signs used to express other vowels. Many of these writing systems are derived from old scripts that were used in India more than 2000 years ago. Although the Baybayin shares some, there is no evidence that it is that old.
Today Tagalog / Filipino is written using the Latin alphabet with 26 letters. There's a pretty good match between spelling and pronunciation. The letters c, f, j, q, v, x, z are mainly used in foreign names and loan words in English or Spanish. They are generally not represented in the Tagalog alphabet. The spelling marks neither the accent nor the length of the vowel.

Dialects of the Tagalog (Filipino) Language

Ethnologue recognizes that Tagalog dialects; Manila (the cultural dialect of Manila that underlies the Filipino, the country's national language), Tayabas, Bataan, Batangas, Bulakan.

Word Order of the Tagalog (Filipino) Language

Tagalog is a popular language. The order of the other elements following the verb is relatively free, but there is a general preference for the subject before the object. Numbers and other quantitative indicators usually come before nouns, while symbols, adjectives, and possessive pronouns can precede or follow the noun they modify.

Vocabulary of the Tagalog (Filipino) Language

Tagalog dictionary is based on Austronesian sources with imports from Spanish, English, Chinese Min Nan, Malay, Greek, Latin, Japanese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Tamil, Persian, Capampangan and different Austronesian languages. Adopting words in Spanish indicate over 300 years of Spanish language proficiency, while loans in English are the result of half a century of US command over the Philippines.
Here are some examples of loanwords in Tagalog. To see more list of loanwords of Tagalog click here.

kabayo <-- Spanish caballo ‘horse’
Kumusta? <-- Spanish ¿Como está? ‘How are you?’
libró <-- Spanish libro ‘book’
nars <-- English nurse
drayber <-- English driver
Biskwit <-- English Biscuit
Direk <-- English Director
Iskor <-- English Score
Iskrin <-- English screen
Isports <-- English sports
saráp <-- Malay sedap ‘delicious’
Balik <-- Malay Balik ‘Return
Bansà <-- Malay Bangsa ‘Country’
Daán <-- Malay Jalan ‘Street, road’
Hangin <-- Malay Angin ‘Wind’
Itik <-- Malay Itik ‘Duck
balità <-- Sanskrit berita ‘news’
Alak <-- Sanskrit Arak ‘Wine’
Bathala <-- Sanskrit Bathala ‘Almighty’
Budhî <-- Sanskrit Bodhi ‘Conscience’
Diwa <-- Sanskrit Jiwa ‘Spirit’ “Consciousness”
Tsaa <-- Hindi Chai ‘Tea’
Beranda <-- Hindi Veranda ‘porch’
Mahal <-- Hindi Mahal ‘Beloved’
Sabón <-- Hindi Saboon ‘Soap’
Syampu <-- Hindi Champo ‘Shampoo’
Alam <-- (Arabic: Alham) – Knowledge, understanding.
Hiyâ <-- (Arabic: Hayaa) - to feel shame, blush.
Hukum <-- (Arabic: Hukum) – Judge.

Below are a few basic words and sentences in Tagalog (Filipino) Language.

Hello! [Translation in Tagalog language] Kamusta, hoy, helo
Good day! [Translation in Tagalog language] Magandang araw
Goodbye! [Translation in Tagalog language] Paalam
Thank you [Translation in Tagalog language] Salamat
Please [Translation in Tagalog language] Paki
Yes [Translation in Tagalog language] Oo, opo
No [Translation in Tagalog language] Hindi
Man [Translation in Tagalog language] Lalake
Woman [Translation in Tagalog language] Babae.

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Tagalog (Filipino) language translation service in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, UP, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad Tagalog (Filipino) language translation service in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, UP, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad
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Professional English to Tagalog (Filipino) Language Subtitling Company in Mumbai, Pune and pan India.

The Tagalog (Filipino) language is known for its variety of dialects, which can make interpreting and translating into English a daunting task. It requires great fluency and knowledge of both Tagalog (Filipino) and English to interpret and choose the correct words, while also maintaining the bilingual properties of both languages. Language Preside, a professional translation and interpretation company, has been involved in subtitling from the beginning and has a wealth of experience in subtitles.

When translating Tagalog (Filipino) into English, it is important to consider the nuances of the various dialects spoken throughout the Country. The Tagalog (Filipino) language has several dialects, including its various dialects and variations of speech. Each dialect has its own unique characteristics, such as differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Therefore, it is crucial to have a vast knowledge of the different dialects to ensure the accurate interpretation and translation of the Tagalog (Filipino) language.

Language Preside understands the importance of maintaining the bilingual properties of both languages when interpreting and translating Tagalog (Filipino) into English. This means that the translation must not only convey the meaning of the original text but also preserve its cultural and linguistic nuances. For instance, certain phrases or idioms in Tagalog (Filipino) may not have a direct equivalent in English and require a more creative approach when translating.

As a leading subtitling company, Language Preside has extensive experience in providing accurate and efficient subtitling services in Tagalog (Filipino). Subtitles are essential for communication in today's globalized world, where language barriers can hinder effective communication. Tagalog (Filipino) language subtitling enables individuals to understand and enjoy content in their native Tagalog (Filipino) language, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, interpreting and translating Tagalog (Filipino) into English requires a deep understanding of the various dialects and fluency in both languages. Language Preside has the expertise and experience to provide accurate and efficient Tagalog (Filipino) subtitling services that maintain the bilingual properties of both languages. Their commitment to quality ensures that clients receive the highest standard of service.

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Our team of experienced Tagalog (Filipino) translators will work closely with you to ensure that your content is accurately translated and customized to meet your target audience's preferences. We understand that cultural nuances and linguistic differences play a significant role in delivering a flawless Tagalog (Filipino) voiceover or Tagalog (Filipino) dubbing performance. Therefore, we take the time to research and understand your target audience to provide you with the most effective Tagalog (Filipino) translation and customization services.

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BECAUSE we use only native Tagalog (Filipino) translators to work on your Tagalog (Filipino) language projects. Our each Tagalog (Filipino) translator has a perfect command of written Tagalog (Filipino) and keeps excellent expertise, and knowledge of a broad variety of business sectors as well as marketing and advertising, information technology, manufacturing, finance, banking and retail, delivering standard Tagalog (Filipino) translation services. Our knowledge and expertise, as a professional translation company, has been improved by translating for so many clients. With a widespread worldwide network of expert Tagalog (Filipino) translators available to support your supreme imperative translation needs, you can now access our same day Tagalog (Filipino) translation services.

We offer Tagalog (Filipino) language translation services in all domains, whether your requirement is for Mobile & Video Games’ Application, Software Localization, Graphics Animation, Manufacturing & Engineering Documents, the Content of Media & Publishing House, Marketing & Advertising Content, CAD drawings, Technical Data Sheets, Scientific reports, Safety Procedure Manuals, Machine Operation Manuals, Articles for Scientific, Engineering, or it is the Technical Journals, etc.