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About Russian Language

Russian is the main state and cultural language of Russia. It is one of the largest of the Slavic languages. Russian, along with Ukrainian and Belarusian, is the eastern branch of the Slavic language group. Russian is the main language of the Russian Federation and is also spoken as a second language in other countries that were part of the Soviet Union. The Russian language was also widely taught in countries of Soviet influence, especially in Eastern Europe, in the second half of the 20th century. Russian is spoken in Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Greek, Indian, Israeli and American, and is one of the languages of the ten most spoken languages in the world.
Before the 14th century, the forefathers of contemporary Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians spoke a variety of ancient Eastern Slavic languages, a regular language for all three. Until the top of the seventeenth century, the official language in Russia was the East Slavic version of Church Slavonic, the religious rite language of the Catholic Church. The political betterment of Peter the Great in the 18th century introduced the reform of the Russian alphabet and the absorption of the language through numerous borrowings from Western European languages, which led to a departure from Russian norms: the Slavic Church to colloquial norms.
The rebellion of 1917 and the civic, political, cultural, economic and commercial reforms that followed produced new language and significantly expanded the numerous international words in Russian vocabulary. The grammar improvement of 1918 gave written Russian its new look. The proficiency in literacy became universal. In the military, scientific, technological and artistic fields, as well as in space exploration, they gave the modern Russian a worldwide reputation that accompanied his image of the superpower.

Status of the Russian Language

Before 1918, only Russian was the one official language of Russia. In spite of each republic having its own official language during the Soviet era, Russian had a superior status. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, several of the newly self-governing states encouraged the use of their mother tongue, which partially undermines the vested status of Russian, although its role as the lingua franca of the region continues.
Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation, joint official status at the local level with other languages in various independent areas of the Federation, in particular Chuvash, Bashkir, Tatar, and Yakuts. That is also one of the official languages of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. Although Russian could not get the official status language in Ukraine, it still functions as a regional and ethnic language, and the Ukrainian Constitution provides guarantees for its protection and use. The choice of Russian as a second language is still very popular in many former Soviet republics.
During the 20th century, Russian was generally taught in the academies of former Soviet satellite countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, former East Germany, and Cuba. Teenagers in these countries know little or No Russian at all, as it is no longer compulsory in the school system. Instead of Russian, students from Central European countries of Eastern Europe prefer to study Western European languages such as English or German.

Writing System of the Russian Language

The modern Russian alphabet could be an alternative to the Cyrillic alphabet. It absolutely was introduced into Kievan Rus’ at the time of its transformation to Christianity in 988 or ahead, and has felt vital reforms since then, as well as major reforms in 1708, throughout the reign of Peter the Great, and in 1918, when the October Revolution.

Dialects of the Russian Language

Linguists commonly break up the Russian language into 3 primary dialect groups: the northern group, central group, and southern group. Every primary dialect group has dozens of minor variations.

Grammar of the Russian Language

Russian is a language with rich content, the grammar of which is very similar to other Slavic languages, exclusively Belarusian and Ukrainian.

Word Order of the Russian Language

The word order in the Russian language is subject + verb + object (SVO), but the current grammar rules permit editing them so that the word order can from time to time shift verb + subject + object (VSO). So we can say that the word order in Russian sentences is very elastic.
When comparing the English and Russian word order, we can see a big difference: The Russian word order does not play as big a role grammatically as it does in English.
According to the basic word order in Russian, you must start sentences with a subject, and then use the verb, followed by the object. If you use this word order in Russian sentences, you can never go wrong.
Example subject + verb + object (SVO):
Я читаю книгу. “Ya chitayu knigu.” from Russian to English translation “I read a book.”
Also in some cases, you can use VSO instead of SVO. This is appropriate if there are two verbs in a sentence and you want to highlight the first verb. It's good if you tell a story.
Example verb + subject + object (VSO):
Читаю я книгу и вдруг… “Chitayu ya knigu i vdrug…” from Russian to English translation “I’m reading a book, and suddenly…”
Prepositional phrases answer the question "Where?" Usually used at the end of a sentence after an object:
Я читаю книгу дома. “Ya chitayu knigu doma.” from Russian to English translation “I read a book at home.”
In Russian sentence formation, prepositional sentences reply to the interrogation "When?" they are placed at the beginning or end of a sentence, although the meaning of the phrase will change slightly.
For example :
Сегодня я читаю книгу. "Segodnya ya chitayu knigu." from Russian to English translation “Today, I read a book.” In this case, this sentence answers the question “What did I do today?”
Я читаю книгу сегодня. "Ya chitayu knigu segodnya." from Russian to English translation “I read a book today.” This one answers the question “When did I read a book?”
Example of Word Order with Modifiers:
Я читаю интересную книгу. “Ya chitayu interesnuyu knigu.” from Russian to English translation “I read an interesting book.”
Я читаю интересную научную книгу. “Ya chitayu interesnuyu nauchnuyu knigu.” from Russian to English translation “I read an interesting scientific book.”
Example of yes or no:
Читаю ли я книгу? (Chitayu li ya knigu?) from Russian to English translation “Do I read a book?”

Vocabulary of the Russian Language

The Russian language has a very rich vocabulary, and contains a mixture of native Slavic words and words borrowed from other languages. It is challenging to decide how much of the Russian vocabulary is naturally Slavic, and how much is borrowed from other languages. It assumed that half-Russian vocabulary was inherently Slavic. It may include words from different languages.
The first borrowings into Russian came from the Church Slavonic, Greek and Latin languages correlated with religious references, and from the Altai languages correlated with the attack of the Mongols. Later loan words include French, German, Dutch, Italian, and English. The source of credit, especially in the field of scientific, political and technical terminology, is the English language.

Below are some common words and phrases in Malay.

Hello [translation in Russian language] Здpaвcтвyй(тe)
Good bye [translation in Russian language] Дo cвидaния
Please [translation in Russian language] Пoжaлyйcтa
Thank you [translation in Russian language] Cпacибo
Excuse me, sorry [translation in Russian language] Извини(тe), пpocти(тe)
Yes [translation in Russian language] Дa
No [translation in Russian language] Heт
Man [translation in Russian language] Чeлoвeк, мyжчинa
Woman [translation in Russian language] Жeнщинa.

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