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About Finnish Language

Finnish (suomi) is a member of the Finnish branch of the Urals language family; it is not an Indo-European language; its closest living relatives are Karelian, Veps, Ingrian, and Estonian, as well as the almost extinct Votic and Livonia. Around 4.7 million people speak the Finnish language in the Republic of Finland. It is also spoken in Canada, Estonia, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, and the United States. The total Finnish-speaking population of all countries is estimated at around 5 million people (Ethnologue).

Status of the Finnish Language

Finnish is the legal language of Finland. It is spoken by the majority of the Finnish people; in addition, the Finnish language is recognized as a minority language in Sweden and Norway countries. It is one of the official languages of the European Union.

Dialects of the Finnish Language

There are several dialects in the Finnish language, which are generally divided into East and West. The eastern group covers the Savonian and southeastern Finnish dialects, while the western group dialects cover the Southwest, Middle Southwest, Tavastian, South-East Ostrobothnian, Central and Northeast Bothnian and Far North (Institute for the Languages of Finland).
Apart from it, there are two main variants of the Finnish language, formal and informal: Yleiskieli is the formal variant used in church sermons, political speeches, and news broadcasts; its written form, kirjakieli, is used for most formal scripts. Finnish children learn Kirjakieli dialect in their school. Puhekieli is the informal style that is spoken every day in all fields of life, in most unofficial situations and in popular media.

Grammar of the Finnish Language

Finnish is an agglutinating language, which means it uses suffixes to indicate grammatical functions. Suffixes are appended to the root in a fixed order. Postpositions are more general in Finnish than prepositions.

Writing System of the Finnish Language

The first documents written in Finnish came from Bishop Mikael Agricola, who wrote an alphabet book and a catechism, respectively, in 1542 and 1544. Agrícola's writing system was dependent on the Swedish language, (which was the official language of Finland at the time), as well as on German and Latin languages. This writing system has been revised over time. Today's Finnish uses the Latin alphabet (suomen aakkoset), by adding the letters å, ä, ö, which are listed at the end of the letters. The consonants b, c, z, x are only used in borrowing words. With a few exceptions, each letter represents a single phoneme, i.e. a sound that differentiates the meaning of words. Double letters indicate the length of the tone.

Word Sequence of the Finnish Language

The common word sequence in the Finnish language is subject - verb - object. Since upper and lower case letters clearly indicate the function of words in a sentence, there is considerable flexibility that allows a different word sequence to indicate importance or stress as the first constituent in a sentence. Modifiers come before the modified noun.

Vocabulary of the Finnish Language

The vocabulary of present-day Finnish has several sources.
Many indigenous words can be traced back to the ancient Finno-Ugric language. These words have to do with such basic concepts as body parts, environment, relationships, and basic activities.
New vocabulary through the use of a complex system of derived suffixes, both verbal, and nominal. It is estimated that around 70% of modern Finnish words are made up of native words or created from native words by the use of derived suffixes.
Over the course of many centuries, Finnish has adopted a variety of words from a variety of languages. Including Turkish, Baltic, Germanic and Slavic languages. Swedish has been the source of credit from the Middle Ages to the present day. Many of them were borrowed from Latin, Greek, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, and English.

Below are some Common English Words and Phrases and its Translation in Finnish Language with Pronunciation

Greeting sentences and their translation into the Finnish language.
Hello (greet someone) [translation in Finnish language] hei / moi “pronounce like” hey / moy
Good morning [translation in Finnish language] Hyvää huomenta “pronounce like” huu-vaa hoo-oh-mehn-tah
Good night [translation in Finnish language] Hyvää yötä “pronounce like” huu-vaa uu-euh-ta
Good evening [translation in Finnish language] Hyvää iltaa “pronounce like” huu-vaa eel-tah
Goodbye [translation in Finnish language] Hei hei / moi moi “pronounce like” hey hey / moy moy
How are you? [translation in Finnish language] Mitä kuuluu? “pronounce like” mee-ta kooh-looh
I’m am very well, thank you [translation in Finnish language] Oikein hyvää, kiitos “pronounce like” oy-keh-in huu-vaa, kee-tohss
Good, thank you [translation in Finnish language] Hyvää, kiitos “pronounce like” huu-vaa, kee-tohss
What is your name? [translation in Finnish language] Mikä sinun nimesi on? “pronounce like” mee-ka see-noon nee-meh-see ohn
My name is… [translation in Finnish language] Minun nimeni on… “pronounce like” mee-noon nee-meh-nee ohn
It’s nice to meet you [translation in Finnish language] Hauska tutustua “pronounce like” how-skah too-toos-too-ah
Essentials sentences and their translation into the Finnish language.
Thank you [translation in Finnish language] Kiitos “pronounce like” kee-tohss
You’re welcome [translation in Finnish language] Ole hyvä / eipä kestä “pronounce like” oh-lay huu-va / ay-pa kehss-ta
OK [translation in Finnish language] Ok / okei “pronounce like” oh-koh / oh-kay
Excuse me [translation in Finnish language] Anteeksi “pronounce like” ahn-teh-xee
I’m sorry [translation in Finnish language] Anteeksi “pronounce like” ahn-teh-xee
I don’t understand [translation in Finnish language] En ymmärrä “pronounce like” ehn-ummar-ra
I only speak a little bit of Finnish [translation in Finnish language] Puhun vain vähän suomea “pronounce like” poo-hoon vah-een va-han soo-oh-meh-ah
Can you please repeat that slowly [translation in Finnish language] Voisitko toistaa hitaasti? “pronounce like” voh-ee-seet-koh toh-ee-staah hee-taahs-tee?
Questions sentences and their translation into the Finnish language.
Where? [translation in Finnish language] Missä? “pronounce like” mees-sa?
How? [translation in Finnish language] Miten? “pronounce like” mee-tehn?
Where is/are…? [translation in Finnish language] Missä on…? “pronounce like” mees-sa ohn…?
How much? [translation in Finnish language] Kuinka paljon? “pronounce like” koo-een-kah pahl-yohn?
Who? [translation in Finnish language] Kuka? “pronounce like” koo-kah?
When? [translation in Finnish language] Milloin? “pronounce like” meel-loh-een?
Why? [translation in Finnish language] Miksi? “pronounce like” meek-see?
What? [translation in Finnish language] Mitä? “pronounce like” mee-ta?
Which? [translation in Finnish language] Mikä? “pronounce like” mee-ka?
How much is this? [translation in Finnish language] Paljonko tämä maksaa? “pronounce like” pahl-yohn-koh ta-ma mahk-sah?
How much does that cost? [translation in Finnish language] Paljonko tuo maksaa? “pronounce like” pahl-yohn-koh too-oh mahk-sah?
Where is the toilet? [translation in Finnish language] Missä on vessa? “pronounce like” mees-sa ohn vehs-sah?
Can I have… [translation in Finnish language] Saisinko… “pronounce like” sigh-seen-koh…
I would like… [translation in Finnish language] Haluaisin… “pronounce like” hah-loo-i-seen…
Food and Drink sentences and their translation into the Finnish language.
The menu, please [translation in Finnish language] Saisinko ruokalistan “pronounce like” sigh-seen-koh roo-oh-kah-lees-tahn
Two beers, please [translation in Finnish language] Kaksi olutta, kiitos “pronounce like” kahk-see oh-loot-tah, kee-tohss
A bottle of house white/red wine, please [translation in Finnish language] Pullo talon valkoviiniä/punaviiniä, kiitos “pronounce like” pool-loh tah-lohn vahl-koh-vee-nee-ya, kee-tohss
Some water, please [translation in Finnish language] Vettä, kiitos “pronounce like” veht-ta, kee-tohss
I’m allergic to… [translation in Finnish language] Olen allerginen… “pronounce like” oh-lehn ahl-lehr-ghee-nehn
I’m a vegetarian [translation in Finnish language] Olen kasvissyöjä “pronounce like” oh-lehn kahs-vees-suu-euh-ya
Can we have the bill, please? [translation in Finnish language] Saisimmeko laskun? “pronounce like” sigh-seem-meh-koh lahs-koon?
What do you recommend? [translation in Finnish language] Mitä te suosittelette? “pronounce like” mee-ta teh soo-oh-seet-teh-leht-teh?
The meal was excellent [translation in Finnish language] Ruoka oli erinomaista “pronounce like” roo-oh-kah oh-lee eh-ree-noh-mah-ees-tah
Getting Around words and their translation into the Finnish language.
Left [translation in Finnish language] Vasen “pronounce like” vah-sehn
Right [translation in Finnish language] Oikea “pronounce like” oy-keh-ah
Straight ahead [translation in Finnish language] Suoraan eteenpäin “pronounce like” soo-oh-rahn eh-tehn-pain
Turn left [translation in Finnish language] Käänny vasemmalle “pronounce like” kaan-nu vah-sehm-mahl-leh
Turn right [translation in Finnish language] Käänny oikealle “pronounce like” kaan-nu oy-keh-ahl-leh
Bus stop [translation in Finnish language] Bussipysäkki “pronounce like” boos-see-pu-sak-kee
Train station [translation in Finnish language] Juna-asema “pronounce like” yuh-nah-ah-seh-mah
Airport [translation in Finnish language] Lentokenttä “pronounce like” lehn-toh-kehnt-ta
Entrance [translation in Finnish language] Sisäänkäynti “pronounce like” see-san-ka-uun-tee
Exit [translation in Finnish language] Uloskäynti “pronounce like” uh-lohs-ka-uun-tee
Time and days words and their translation into the Finnish language.
Today [translation in Finnish language] Tänään “pronounce like” ta-naan
Tomorrow [translation in Finnish language] Huomenna “pronounce like” who-oh-mehn-nah
Yesterday [translation in Finnish language] Eilen “pronounce like” ay-lehn
What time is it? [translation in Finnish language] Mitä kello on? “pronounce like” mee-ta kehl-loh ohn?
It’s … [translation in Finnish language] Kello on … “pronounce like” kehl-loh ohn…
Day’s words and their translation into the Finnish language.
Monday [translation in Finnish language] Maanantai “pronounce like” mah-nahn-tie
Tuesday [translation in Finnish language] Tiistai “pronounce like” tees-tie
Wednesday [translation in Finnish language] Keskiviikko “pronounce like” kehs-kee-veek-koh
Thursday [translation in Finnish language] Torstai “pronounce like” tohrs-tie
Friday [translation in Finnish language] Perjantai “pronounce like” pehr-yahn-tie
Saturday [translation in Finnish language] Lauantai “pronounce like” louh-ahn-tie
Sunday [translation in Finnish language] Sunnuntai “pronounce like” soon-noon-tie
Emergency sentences and their translation into the Finnish language.
Help! [translation in Finnish language] Apua! “pronounce like” ah-poo-ah!
I need a doctor [translation in Finnish language] Tarvitsen lääkäriä “pronounce like” tahr-veet-sehn laa-kaa-ree-ya
I don’t feel well [translation in Finnish language] Voin huonosti “pronounce like” voh-een hoo-oh-noh-stee
Call the police! [translation in Finnish language] Kutsukaa poliisi! “pronounce like” koot-soo-kaah poh-lee-see
There’s a fire! [translation in Finnish language] Tulipalo! “pronounce like” too-lee-pah-loh!

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