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About Sindhi Language

The Sindhi language is connected to the northwest group of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. There are different opinions regarding the number of Sindhi speakers. Ethnologue assumes, based on the 2001 census, the number of speakers is 21.3 million, while Wikipedia puts the number at 42 million, of which 35 million living in the Sindh province of Pakistan and 5 million in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra in India, the remainder represent a diaspora in the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, the United States, and Canada, with smaller numbers in other countries.

IT is believed that the Sindhi language has grown from an ancient Prakrit brought to Sindh by early settlers from northeast and northwest India. Sindh was founded around 4000 BC by Dravidian-speaking invaders. Thus, Sindhi indicate much evidence of Dravidian influence. Around 1500 BC Sindh was occupied by Indo-Aryan invaders who established the Vedic civilization that laid the grounds of Hinduism and Indian culture today.

The earliest translation of the Qur’an was into Sindhi in the 12th century. In the 14-18th centuries, Sindhi was one of the most popular written languages in the eastern world due to its rich vocabulary.

Sindhi is an official regional language of Pakistan alongside English and Urdu; it is used in all areas of official and daily communication by members of various religious sects; It is also an official language of India, along with English and 22 other languages. It is often spoken as a second or third language and used as the language of instruction or subject in schools, particularly in Maharashtra state.

According to Ethnologue, Sindhi has numerous dialects that differ in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, they are Kachchi, Lari, Lasi, Thareli, Vicholi (or Central Sindhi), Macharia, Dukslinu (Hindu Sindhi), Sindhi Musalmani (Muslim Sindhi), standard Sindhi spoken by educated people in Hyderabad.

The Sindhi phonological system is similar to that of other Indo Aryan languages, for example, Sindhi has a large inventory of phonemes, that is, sounds that make a difference in the meaning of words. Most Sindhi syllables end with a vowel or semi-vowel. Very few syllables end in a consonant and consonant clusters are rare.

Sindhi has preserved many features of the ancient Prakrit and adopted important grammatical features with other Indo Aryan languages, such as the use of postpositions that follow the noun rather than prepositions that precede it.

The sequence of Sindhi word is Subject-Object-Verb. However, these components can be rearranged for emphasis or focus; Adjectives and relative clauses precede the nouns they modify; indirect objects precede direct ones; negative/questioning elements precede the verb; Adverbs usually follow the subject, and put the object (s) in front of the verb.

Most Sindhi phrases are derived from Sanskrit, however, the language also has a massive variety of Persian and Arabic loanwords because of centuries of Muslim influence. Recently, Sindhi has come into near touch with Urdu, the dominant language of Pakistan. Thus, Sindhi has borrowed many Urdu phrases.

The Sindhi language is written in three different styles: an edited Arabic script, used in both Pakistan and India, and the Devanagari script, used by various Sindhi speakers in India.

Modified Arabic script: As Sindhi has more consonants and vowels than Arabic, new letters were created using diacritics to alter the basic shape of the letters. This grammar includes 52 consonants and 10 vowel symbols, as well as some diacritics. it is written from right to left, short vowels are omitted, except for the beginning of words.

Devanagari script: In 1948, the Indian government launched the Devanagari script for Sindhi script, but it was not widely utilised, so in India, the language was written in both Modified Arabic and Devanagari.

Roman alphabet: Sindhi can also be written in the Latin alphabet, which is more and more used in electronic communications.

Below are a few basic words and phrases in Urdu.

Hello --> (used among Muslims - Salāmu سَلامُ / Asalāmu alekum السلام عليڪم,
(used among Hindus) - Namaste نَمَستي

Good bye --> - تُنهِجو نالو ڇا آهي؟ sg - (tunhinjo naalo chhaa aahe?)
تَوهانجو نالو ڇا آهي؟ pl - (tavahaanjo naalo chhaa aahe?)

What's your name? --> تُنهِجو نالو ڇا آهي؟ sg - (tunhinjo naalo chhaa aahe?)
تَوهانجو نالو ڇا آهي؟ pl - (tavahaanjo naalo chhaa aahe?)

My name is ... --> مُنهِنجو نالو ... آهي (munhinjo naalo ... aahe)

Pleased to meet you --> توهان ملي ڏاڍو سٺو لڳو Awhaan saan mili khushi thi

Good afternoon --> (Asalāmu alekum) السلام عليڪم

Goodbye - Ok - (Chango) چَڱو
وَريِ ملَنداسيِن We'll meet again - (Varii milandaasiin)
Stay happy - (Xushu raho) چَڱو
(Xudaa haafizu) خُدا حافِظُ God (is) the protector
(namaste) نَمستي

Sorry --> (Maaf kajo) معاف ڪجو

Birthday greetings --> جنم ڏڻ جون واڌايون (Janam dhēhan jyūñ vādhāyūñ)
جنم ڏينھن جيون ڪروڙ-ڪروڙ واڌايون اٿو (Janam dhēhan jyūñ carore-carore vādhāyūñ athava)

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