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About Mandarin Language

Mandarin (pŭtōnghuà, guóyŭ, huýŭ) is the most common Chinese dialect as the first language in a large area of northern and southwestern mainland China. Also, a large number of Mandarin speakers live in Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA and Vietnam. The Mandarin dialect, spoken by about 850 million people, is the most spoken language in the world.

Status of the Mandarin Language

The official language of mainland China and Taiwan is Standard Mandarin. Standard Mandarin is used in all circles of formal and informal conversation. It serves as a teaching tool at all levels of the institution as well as in all media. The use of Standard Chinese has facilitated conversation between native speakers of many different dialects and languages that cannot be understood. In consequence, Standard Mandarin is now spoken with varying degrees of fluidity and variation in pronunciation among most people in mainland China and Taiwan.
Standard Mandarin is the official language of Singapore, alongside English, Tamil, and Malay. Although English is the main language of instruction in primary schools, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay are taught in the schools of the respective language communities. The Chinese community receives additional funding to teach and use Mandarin as the language of instruction, as most of the ethnic Chinese in Singapore speak Min Nan Chinese and are required to learn Mandarin as a second dialect.

Dialects of the Mandarin Language

Mandarin is the main dialect of China and is used in Beijing. The Beijing dialect has been the standard for the official language in China for centuries. In the People's Republic of China, it is called Putonghua, "common language", in Taiwan it is called guóyŭ "national language", and in Singapore and Malaysia it is called huýŭ, "Chinese language". But they are different from the dialect in Beijing. They also differ mainly in pronunciation and vocabulary.
Mandarin, which is spoken in Continental China, is generally divided into four main regional variants, which are mostly comprehensible to each other (Ethnologue) which are as below:
Northern Mandarin (Huabei Guanhua) includes the Beijing dialect.
Eastern Mandarin (Jinghuai Guanhua).
Northwestern Mandarin (Xibei Guanhua).
Southwestern Mandarin (Xinan Guanhua).

Sound System of the Mandarin Language

The pronunciation of Mandarin extends widely according to geographic and social boundaries. People use portions of their native dialect when speaking it. In contrast, radio and television broadcasters often try to mimic an idealized version of standard Mandarin.

Grammar of the Mandarin Language

Like all other Chinese languages, Mandarin is predominantly an isolating or analytic language, which means that words mostly only have one grammatical form. Grammatical functions are expressed through the order of words, particles, prepositions, and language, and not through a suffix appended to nouns or verbs, as in Indo-European languages. Due to the lack of inflection, Chinese grammar can seem quite simple compared to the Indo-European languages.

Vocabulary of the Mandarin Language

Mandarin divides almost all of its vocabulary with other Chinese dialects. Foreign words and concepts are inherited by creating new compound words that translate the concept behind them. The word for computer, for example, is diànnao, "electrical brain", the word for telephone is diànhuà, literally "electrical language". The transliteration of loan words does not work very well in Chinese because Chinese characters are not suitable for representing foreign sounds and the pronunciation of the characters different from dialect to dialect.
Most Mandarin words are created of one or 2 morphemes. Grammatical classes like number, person, case, tense, and aspect don't seem to be expressed by inflections.

Below are Some Common Words and Phrases in Mandarin.

Yes: [English to Mandarin language translation] Shì (Sheh)
No: [English to Mandarin language translation] Bù shì (Bu-sheh)
Good: [English to Mandarin language translation] Hǎo (How)
Bad: [English to Mandarin language translation] Bù hǎo (Boo-how)
Today: [English to Mandarin language translation] Jīntiān (Jeen-tian)
Tomorrow: [English to Mandarin language translation] Míngtiān (Meeng-tian)
Yesterday: [English to Mandarin language translation] Zuótiān (Zwuh-tian)
Goodbye: [English to Mandarin language translation] Zàijiàn (Zhai-jian)
Hello: [English to Mandarin language translation] Nǐhǎo (Nee how)
Thank you: [English to Mandarin language translation] Xièxiè (Shieh-shieh)
You’re welcome: [English to Mandarin language translation] Bù kèqì (Boo kuh-chi)
Good morning: [English to Mandarin language translation] Zǎo (Zhow)
Goodnight: [English to Mandarin language translation] Wǎn'ān (One-un)
My name is…: [English to Mandarin language translation] Wǒ jiào... (Wuh jeow...)
My friend’s name is...: [English to Mandarin language translation] Wǒ de péngyǒu jiào… (Wuh duh pung-yo jeow...)
How much?: [English to Mandarin language translation] Duō shǎo? (Dwuh shauw?)
Too expensive: [English to Mandarin language translation] Tài guìle! (Tie gway luh!)
Make it cheaper: [English to Mandarin language translation] Piányí yī diǎn. (Pian-yee yee dian.)
Very beautiful: [English to Mandarin language translation] Hĕn piàoliang (Hen peow-liung)
Delicious: [English to Mandarin language translation] Hào chī (How chir); Very delicious: Hěn hào chī (Hen how chir)
Check, please: [English to Mandarin language translation] Măi dān (My dahn)
I don't understand: [English to Mandarin language translation] Wǒ bù dǒng (Wuh boo dong)
Let's go!: [English to Mandarin language translation] Wǒmen zǒu ba! (Wuh-men zoew bah!)

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The variety of Mandarin dialects makes interpreting and translating into English a daunting task as it requires great fluency and knowledge of both Mandarin and English to interpret and choose the correct words, as well as maintaining the bilingual properties of both languages. Language Preside have been involved in subtitling from the beginning, and have a lot of experience in subtitles.

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