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About Malay Language

Malay, which is also called Bahasa Melayu, is a part of the Polynesian Malay division of the Austronesian language family. It is spoken by indigenous Malays on both sides of the Strait of Malacca, which divides Sumatra from the Malay Peninsula. It has always been a bustling sea route and visitors got to know the Malay language and expanded it throughout the Indonesian islands. Thus, Malay turned into the language of the Indonesian archipelago and, ultimately, the main reason for its choice as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia in the 20th century.
Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the Malay language was affected by various reasons. In the Eastern Netherlands Antilles, it was influenced by the Dutch and Javanese; and it was influenced by local British and Malay breeds in British-controlled areas. Since university-level education was only available in English or Dutch. Few Malays developed their own technical vocabulary. Since Indonesia and Malaysia gained independence in the 1950s, each country, in the 20th centuary, has gone its own way and upgraded the social, political, technical and scientific terms needed to meet the needs of the century in the 20th century. A joint Indonesian and Malaysian policy to create such a vocabulary was not established until the late 1970s. Indonesian and Malay are lexical rather than grammatical, although there are differences as well as regional differences in pronunciation. A joint Indonesian-Malay policy of building such a vocabulary was not pursued until the late 1970s. Thus, the main difference between Indonesian and Malay is vocabulary, not grammar, although there are regional differences in pronunciation as well.

Status of the Malay Language

Malay is the official language of Malaysia and this is one of the Singapurs' official languages (Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil are official languages of Singapur). Malay is also spoken in Indonesia and Brunei and the working language in East Timor.
Malaysia: People of Malaysia called this language a Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. Malay has been the official language of Malaysia Since 1968; though, the most commonly spoken language is Malay (ethnologist). As a relic of expansion, English has still been recognised a distinguished language among the educated people and is being used in higher education institutions. However, the official Malay language is the method of contact for other official scientific, administrative, legal and business activities.
Brunei: Brunei's two official languages are Malay and English and More than half of the population speaks Malay. English is generally spoken, especially among minorities in China and India, due to its importance as an international business language.
Singapore: In Singapore, Malay was the main language of different languages speakers but it is replaced by English. Today it maintains the status quo of the national language. Around 15% of Singapore's people use Malay.
Indonesia: A language that is spoken in Indonesia is called Bahasa Indonesia, which is spoken by 23 million people as a primary language and 140 million as a secondary language. It is a language of many ethnic groups, speaking different languages. In East Timor, Bahasa Indonesia is widespread and admitted by the Constitution of that country as the practice language.

Dialects of the Malay Language

Regional variation: There are two main dialectal subdivisions, which are characterized by differences in pronunciation and, to a lesser extent, lexical differences:
 Northern dialects called Malay are spoken in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
 Southern dialect used in Indonesia. It is divided into western and eastern varieties, so there are several regional dialects. Indonesian is based on the official plurality of languages spoken in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Social registers: The language is distinguished by vital differences between formal and informal records. The formal recording is used in common speaking, regular writing, and educational institutions. It is identified by a significant number of loan words from Sanskrit, Arabic and other foreign languages. It is known as Standard Malay (ethnologist). There are few standard speakers of Malay as the first language; most learn it as a second dialect.

Writing System of the Malay Language

The earliest known Malay lettering found on the island of Sumatra dates from AD 683. They were written in Pallava handwriting, a variant of the Brahmi script, and included accounts of military campaigns and laws. When Islam Came to Southeast Asia During the 14th century, a converted form of the Arabic script known as the Jawi script was adopted for the Malay script. The script was used in Indonesia until the first quarter of the 20th century and in Malaysia until the 1950s. It is still used today as one of the two official scripts in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, mainly in religious contexts which generally reflect Romanization practices in the British and Dutch colonies.

Word order of the Malay Language

The neutral word order of the Malay language is Subject + Verb + Object; depending on the emphasis and style, however, other word orders are also possible; For example, words or parts of speech that contain the most significant or new information often arrive in the initial position.
Demonstrative and possessive pronouns follow the noun they are modifying. Classifiers usually come before nouns.

Below are some common words and phrases in Malay.

Welcome to Malaysia- [translation in Malay language] Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia.
Good Morning- [translation in Malay language] Selamat Pagi.
Good afternoon - [translation in Malay language] Selamat tengah hari.
Good evening - [translation in Malay language] Selamat petang.
Good night - [translation in Malay language] Selamat malam.
Good bye - [translation in Malay language] Selamat tinggal.
Jumpa lagi - [translation in Malay language] see you again.
Yes- [translation in Malay language] Ya.
No – [translation in Malay language] Tidak.
Thank you- [translation in Malay language] Terima kasih.
Thank you very much - [translation in Malay language] Terima kasih banyak banyak.
Please sit down - [translation in Malay language] Sila duduk
Please come in - [translation in Malay language] Sila masuk
Please - [translation in Malay language] Sila
Excuse me- [translation in Malay language] tumpang lalu.
I come from - [translation in Malay language] Saya datang dari..
What is your name? - [translation in Malay language] Siapa nama?
My name is - [translation in Malay language] Nama saya...
Can you speak Bahasa Malaysia? -[translation in Malay language] Boleh cakap bahasa Melayu?
I like it here - [translation in Malay language] Saya suka berada di sini.
Where are you going?- [translation in Malay language] pergi ke mana?
I am going to .. - [translation in Malay language] Saya pergi ke....
Turn right -[translation in Malay language] belok kanan
turn left - belok kiri
go straight - jalan terus
Junction - [translation in Malay language] simpang
Please stop here- [translation in Malay language] Sila berhenti di sini.
How much - [translation in Malay language] Berapa harga
That's too expensive - [translation in Malay language] Mahal sangat.
Can you reduce the price? - [translation in Malay language] Boleh kurang?
Wait a minute - [translation in Malay language] Tunggu sekejap.
I would like to change money -[translation in Malay language] Saya hendak tukar duit / wang
Could I make an enquiry? - [translation in Malay language] Tumpang Tanya?
Where is the toilet? - [translation in Malay language] Di mana tandas?
In the back - [translation in Malay language] di belakang
over there- di sana
over here- di sini
What time is it? - [translation in Malay language] jam / pukul berapa sekarang?
One thirty or half past one. - [translation in Malay language] pukul satu setengah.
Quarter past one - [translation in Malay language] pukul satu suku.
Quarter to one - [translation in Malay language] Suku sebelum pukul satu

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