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About The Hebrew Language

Hebrew, which is also called ‘Ivrit', maybe a member of the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language branch. It’s the language of the Hebrew Bible and of the Old Testament of Christians. The essence of the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, historically believed to have been initially recorded within the time of Moses 3,300 years ago, is written in Classical Hebrew.
Hebrew began to lose out as a speech communication when the Jews were defeated by the Babylonians in 586 BC. Aramaic took the place of the Hebrew-spoken language, though it had been preserved because of the language of religion, learning, and literature. Hebrew was revived as a spoken language throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as the latest Hebrew. It replaced Arabic, Yiddish, Russian, and a range of different languages spoken by Jews who moved to Israel

Status of the Hebrew Language

Hebrew is a frequently spoken language by about 5 million people in Israel (ethnology). This number includes both those who speak it as a mother tongue and those who speak it as a second language. In 1922, at British time, it was the official language of Palestine. Today, it is the official language of the Israeli State. It is used across Israel for official, public, and private purposes, except in the Arab sector, where the Arab government teaches in Hebrew or Arabic. However, Hebrew is a compulsory subject in all schools up to tenth grade, including Arabic. Hebrew is also the medium of instruction at the university level. And frequently it is used for newspapers, books, magazines, radio, and television. In addition, Hebrew remains the ceremonial language of Jews around the world. There are other polls that put the number of Hebrew speakers worldwide at 9 million, but that number does not tell you what is meant by "speakers".

Dialects of the Hebrew Language

There are two main dialects of Hebrew language
. • The Europeanized dialect, which was spoken by European Ashkenazi Jews. It was heavily influenced by Yiddish. Today, this dialect has greater social status and is generally liked better by most young Israelis.
• An Eastern dialect spoken by Sephardi Jews whose forefathers came to Israel from the Middle East. The name "Sephardic" comes from the Hebrew word Sefarad, "Spanish". These Jews lived in Spain and Portugal from the Middle Ages until they were persecuted and expelled from these countries in the last decades of the 15th century, when they fled to the Middle East. Eastern Hebrew is heavily influenced by the Arabic language.
• in spite of the fact that the Academy of the Hebrew Language tries to set standards, native Hebrew speakers, who now constitute the majority, have created a variety, Israeli Hebrew, that has not yet been systematically described or standardized.

Word Order of the Hebrew Language

The Routine word order in Modern Hebrew, like other languages, is Subject-Verb-Object. In contrast to Biblical Hebrew, where the word order was set Verb-Subject-Object. Modifiers follow the nouns they modify.

Vocabulary of the Hebrew Language

Most of the basic dictionary of Modern Hebrew is borrowed from the Bible and the Talmud. Since Hebrew was not spoken for many centuries, it lacked many of the words needed to communicate with the modern world; many new lexical elements had to be added to the vocabulary. Some words have been created from existing roots, the meaning of existing words has been expanded to accommodate new concepts, and many words have been borrowed from other languages such as Arabic, German, Yiddish, Russian, and other European languages.

Writing System of the Hebrew Language

When the Hebrews began using the Aramaic script for day to day use and put to one side the ancient Hebrew script for religious use only, the Aramaic script quickly became famous as the Jewish script. Due to the shape of the letters, it was known as the square script. The texts in square script date from the 5th century BC.
• The Hebrew alphabet 'ivri is a consonant-based syllabifies system containing of 22 consonants, 5 of which have a special ending word form.
• Long vowels can be identified by the letters' alef, vav and yod. These texts are vocal or vocalized calls. Short vowels are usually not marked with diacritical marks, except in the Bible, poetry, children's books, and textbooks for foreigners.
• The Hebrew letters are not linked, not even handwritten.
• The letters have only one case.
• Hebrew is written from right to left.

Below are some common words and phrases in Hebrew language.

“Shalom שָׁלוֹם” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Hello, Goodbye, Peace.
"Lehit-raot לְהִתְרָאוֹת" [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> See you later.
“Ken כֵּן” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Yes.
“Lo לֹא” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> No.
“Ani mitsta-er סְלִיחָה" [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Sorry or Excuse me.
“Bevakasha בבקשה” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Please.
“Toda תּוֹדָה” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Thank you.
"Ma-yim” [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Water.
"Ma Nishma" [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> How are you doing/What’s up?
"Ayfo Ha Shirootim" [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> Where is the bathroom?
"Kama Ze Oleh?" [Translation from Hebrew to English] --> How much does this cost?

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