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About Estonian Language

Estonian (Eesti Kiel) is a part of the Finnic branch of the Urals language family; it falls into võro, vod and Finnish, the latter being spoken across the Gulf of Finland. It is also distant from the Hungarian spoken in Central Europe. Finnish and Estonian share a large part of their words. Throughout its history, Estonia has been under Danish, Swedish, Germanic, and Russian rule. In 1721, Estonia became part of the Russian Empire when the Russian language was declared its official language. Throughout the time of World War II, Estonia was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940 and then occupied by the Germans until 1944. Under Soviet rule, Estonia went through another phase of Russification until it gained independence in 1990, when Estonian became the national language.

Status of the Estonian Language

The Estonian language is currently spoken in Australia, Finland, Canada, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, and around 1 million people speak the Estonian language in the Republic of Estonia (Ethnologue). It is the official language of the Republic of Estonia and in the European Union; it is one of the official languages. The standard Estonian language is used and recognized at all stages of the community. Estonia became an independent republic after the breakup of the USSR, and even though the Russian language is still widely used as a second language, Estonian is taught in academic institutes, and competency in this is required for citizenship.

Dialects of the Estonian Language

Estonian has two mainly understandable dialects: (1) Northern Estonian, dependent on the dialect of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. (2) Southern Estonian, dependent on the dialect of Tartu, the second-largest city in Estonia.

Stress of the Estonian Language

The stress generally falls on the first syllable of a word, but borrowing words and foreign words usually retain the original strain. The length of the vowels makes most syllables appear uniformly stressed.

Grammar of the Estonian Language

Like other Uralic languages, Estonian delineates a mixture of binding and fusing elements. In a binding language, grammatical suffixes are added to the roots in a sequence, and each suffix represents a grammatical function. In a fusion language (inflection), several grammatical functions are represented by a suffix.

Writing System of the Estonian Language

The very old documents of Estonian date back to the 8th century AD. The first full Estonian text, the Kullamaa prayers, appeared in the 1520s, followed by other religious texts; the first grammar appeared at the beginning of the 17th century under Swedish rule. Oral poetry was first recorded in the 18th century. The modern written shape of the language took shape in the first half of the 19th century. The first Estonian newspapers were issued in the second half of the 19th century. For most of its history, Estonian has used Roman letters. As it was first written by German scholars, its orthography was steadily influenced by German until the 1850s, when the orthography was reformed to bring it closer to the spoken language. The current letters have seventeen consonants and nine vowels. The Estonian orthography is fairly regular, which means that each phoneme is represented by a letter. There are a few exceptions: at the end of the letters, there are four vowel letters that describe definite Estonian sounds. The alphabet lacks the letters f, c, q, w, x, which are only used to write foreign names and borrowing words. The additional letters š and ž are used to write borrowing words.

Word Sequence of the Estonian Language

In the Estonian language, usually, the word sequence is Subject-Verb-Object. The word sequence in the Estonian sentence is laid down by the subject and the comment. The subject is the familiar part of the sentence, while the comment is the new information that is compiled to the subject. In the Estonian language, the subject comes first in sentences.

Vocabulary of the Estonian Language

The main words of the Estonian language show its Urals basic; however, since Estonia has been ruled by foreign powers throughout its modern history, particularly Germany, Sweden and Russia. Estonian adopted numerous borrowing words from these languages, and apart from it, the other borrowing words got into Finnish, French and English languages.

Here are Some Common Estonian Words and Phrases

Basic Phrases in Estonian Language
Here are some basic Estonian expressions to use in everyday conversation, as well as some common words you will see on signs.
Jah [Estonian to English translation] Yes
Ei [Estonian to English translation] No
Palun [Estonian to English translation] Please; you're welcome
Aitäh [Estonian to English translation] Thanks
Tänan [Estonian to English translation] Thank you
Tänan väga [Estonian to English translation] Thank you very much
Tere [Estonian to English translation] Hi, hello
Tervist [Estonian to English translation] Hello
Tere hommikust [Estonian to English translation] Good morning
Tere päevast [Estonian to English translation] Good afternoon
Tere õhtust [Estonian to English translation] Good evening
Tere tulemast [Estonian to English translation] Welcome
Head aega [Estonian to English translation] Goodbye
Head ööd [Estonian to English translation] Goodnight
Nägemist! [Estonian to English translation] Bye, see you!
Ilusat päeva! [Estonian to English translation] Have a nice day!
Vabanda [Estonian to English translation] Excuse me (familiar)
Vabandage [Estonian to English translation] Excuse me (polite)
Vabandust [Estonian to English translation] Sorry
Pole viga [Estonian to English translation] No problem
Kas sa räägid inglise keelt? [Estonian to English translation] Do you speak English? (familiar)
Ma ei räägi eesti keelt [Estonian to English translation] I don't speak Estonian
Ma ei räägi palju eesti keelt [Estonian to English translation] I don't speak much Estonian
Ma räägin natuke eesti keelt [Estonian to English translation] I speak a little Estonian
Ma räägin tõesti vähe eesti keelt [Estonian to English translation] I only speak very little Estonian
Palun rääkige aeglasemalt [Estonian to English translation] Please speak more slowly (polite)
Ma saan aru [Estonian to English translation] I understand
Ma ei saa aru [Estonian to English translation] I don't understand
Ma tean [Estonian to English translation] I know
Ma ei tea [Estonian to English translation] I don't know
Kus asub tualettruum? [Estonian to English translation] Where is the toilet?
General Conversation in Estonian Language
Here are some common Estonian expressions for general conversation with people you already know.
Kuidas läheb [Estonian to English translation] How's it going?
Kuidas sa elad? [Estonian to English translation] How are you? (familiar) Tänan, hästi [Estonian to English translation] I'm fine, thanks
Normaalselt [Estonian to English translation] I'm ok
Halvasti [Estonian to English translation] Bad
Mis su nimi on? [Estonian to English translation] What's your name? (familiar)
Minu nimi on ... [Estonian to English translation] My name is ...
Ma olen ... [Estonian to English translation] I'm ...
Tore sinuga tuttavaks saada [Estonian to English translation] Good to meet you (familiar)
Meeldiv teiega tuttavaks saada [Estonian to English translation] A pleasure to meet you (polite)
Kui vana sa oled? [Estonian to English translation] How old are you? (familiar)
Mis tööd sa teed? [Estonian to English translation] What do you do? (familiar)
Ma olen ... [Estonian to English translation] I'm a ...
õpetaja [Estonian to English translation] teacher
üliõpilane [Estonian to English translation] (university) student
arst [Estonian to English translation] doctor
Ma töötan ajakirjanikuna [Estonian to English translation] I work as a journalist
Ma töötan veebidisainerina [Estonian to English translation] I work as a web designer
Kas sa suitsetad? [Estonian to English translation] Do you smoke? (familiar)
Jah, ma suitsetan [Estonian to English translation] Yes, I smoke
Ma ei suitseta [Estonian to English translation] I don't smoke
Kas ma tohin suitsetada? [Estonian to English translation] Do you mind if I smoke?
Mis on su telefoninumber? [Estonian to English translation] What's your phone number? (familiar)
Kas sa oled vaba täna õhtul? [Estonian to English translation] Are you free this evening? (familiar)
Kas sa oled vaba homme pärastlõunal? [Estonian to English translation] Are you free tomorrow afternoon? (familiar)
Kas sa oled vaba homme õhtul? [Estonian to English translation] Are you free tomorrow evening? (familiar)
Kas sul on nädalavahetuseks plaane? [Estonian to English translation] Do you have any plans for the weekend? (familiar)

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