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About Arabic Language

Arabic (Al-Arabiya, العربية) is a macro language. The biggest member of the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asian language group includes all the offspring of Classical Arabic, which is spoken mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. Its most proximate family’s languages are Hebrew and Aramaic. The Arabic word has numerous definitions. It can be used as a general term including all types of Arabic. The Arabic language is divided into three kinds; Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and various regional languages i.e. colloquial Arabic. Arabic has been a signed language since the 6th century AD.
Arabic encouraged many languages with which it got here in contact. These encompass Indo-Iranian languages (Persian, Kurdish, Pashto), Indo-Aryan languages (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali), Turkic languages (Turkish), African languages (Swahili, Hausa), to name just a few. These languages followed the Arabic script and borrowed a big wide variety of Arabic vocabulary. Words of Arabic beginning may be discovered nowadays in languages everywhere in the world.

Status of the Arabic Language

It is expected that there are 223 million speakers of the 30 types of Arabic language listed by Ethnologue. The major speakers them can also speak and understand Modern Standard Arabic language. In addition, the spoken variety is learned as a first language. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of each Arab country and is the only method of Arabic taught at all levels of education.
Modern Standard Arabic is the official or one of the official languages of several countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and the West Bank of Palestine, Gaza, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. In addition to the Arab countries, where the Arab population is concentrated, a large number of Arabic speakers live in Iran and France, and a large number of Arabic speakers live in Israel and parts of Africa.

Dialects of the Arabic Language

The use of language in the entire Arab world is classified by diglossia, i.e. the command of a colloquial language and modern standard Arabic, the latter more or less strong. Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial varieties own unique roles. Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial Arabic vary slightly from country to country. The following is a short and straightforward description of extremely complex linguistic circumstances in the Arabic-speaking world.

Modern Standard Arabic Language

MSA is the general language of the Arab world. It is a direct offspring of classical Arabic. MSA is used in regular speaking cases like sermons, lectures, news programs, and speeches, as well as in all formal scriptures such as official correspondence, literature, and newspapers. There are no native speakers at MSA. Most professional Arabs learn through prescribed education, although various Arabs without prescribed education at MSA can more or less understand it. MSA is fairly uniform across the Arab world and serves as the lingua franca for speakers of various slang dialects, many of which may otherwise not be able to communicate with one another.

Classical Arabic Language

Classical Arabic is not spoken. This term belongs to Arabic script from the Qur'an and early literature. Classical Arabic became the language of science and religion with the expanse of Islam. Its connection with modern spoken language is similar to Latin for modern Romance languages. It is used as the language of religious practice everywhere in the Muslim world. It is formally studied in schools, and since the 7th century AD, it has hardly changed grammatically.

Colloquial (spoken) Arabic language

The term refers to regional diversity used in daily communication and popular culture; Colloquial (spoken) Arabic is used in films, plays and even some literary works; all spoken varieties are assimilated by children as their native language; Many dialects are spoken here, which vary from place to place. Arabs from one region usually recognise dialects from other regions, depending on their geographic distance and Modern Standard Arabic knowledge. Factors that distinguish the spoken varieties include the influence of the languages spoken in the region before the arrival of the Arabs, the influence of neighbouring languages, and the prestigious role of the languages of the great powers, colonies.

Writing System of the Arabic Language

All types of Arabic are written in Arabic script, based on the Nabataean letters used to write the Nabataean dialect of Arabic. The Nabateans added six letters to the Aramaic letters to denote sounds that are not found in Aramaic. The Nabataean letters contain only consonant symbols. The Arabs added diacritics in the form of dots above and below the consonants to indicate vowels.
The oldest Arabic inscriptions date from 512 AD. Since then, writing has undergone various modifications, and its current form (Naskh) first appeared in the 11th century AD and is being used ever since, especially for printing.
Various other independent languages practice Arabic script, including Persian, Pashto, and Urdu, which use a modified version of Arabic script known as Perso-Arabic. Turkish, Swahili, Hausa, and Uzbek were between the languages that used the Arabic alphabet before the choosing of Latin or Cyrillic.
The Arabic script is a somewhat accurate description of the sound system of a language. Arabic script Contains 28 characters with additional letters for loan words containing non-Arabic sounds, for example, (pپ ) and (g گ).
Arabic Words are written horizontally from right to left.
Each letter of the Arabic alphabet can have four separate forms, depending on its position in the word.
Distinguish between independent, initial, secondary and final forms.
The frame of some letters lets them connect while the frame of others doesn't. Words that can be combined are always combined in both written and printed Arabic.
The letters are clarified in handwritten form.
Capital letters and small letters are not used in Arabic Script.

Arabic Words in English

There are various Arabic origin words used in the English language, covering many areas. Most of them switched to English through other languages, especially French and Spanish. As you may see here below few Arabic loanwords are used in English. You can easily find English words that start with al- ال (definite article in Arabic) in everyday English, for example, algebra, alcohol, niches.

English Loan Words from Arabic Language

Adobe [English loan words from Arabic language] al-tob, ‘the brick’
Albacore [English loan words from Arabic language] al bakara, ‘the young camels’
Alcove [English loan words from Arabic language] al-qobbah, ‘the vaulted chamber’
Alfalfa [English loan words from Arabic language] al-fisfisa, ‘the fresh fodder’
Algebra [English loan words from Arabic language] al jebr, ‘reunion of broken parts’ (as in computation)
Arsenal [English loan words from Arabic language] dar as-sina’ah, ‘house of manufacture, workshop’
Artichoke [English loan words from Arabic language] al-kharshof, ‘the artichoke’
Ayatollah [English loan words from Arabic language] ayatu-llah, ‘miraculous sign of God’
Carob [English loan words from Arabic language] kharrub, ‘locust bean pod’
Coffee [English loan words from Arabic language] qahwah, ‘coffee’
Cipher [English loan words from Arabic language] sifr, ‘zero, empty, nothing
Cotton [English loan words from Arabic language] qutn, ‘cotton
Emir [English loan words from Arabic language] amir, ‘commander’
Fedayeen [English loan words from Arabic language] plural of fedai, ‘devotee, zealot, one who risks life for a cause’
Ghoul [English loan words from Arabic language] ghul, ‘evil spirit that robs graves and feeds on corpses’
Harem [English loan words from Arabic language] haram, ‘women’s quarters’
Hashish [English loan words from Arabic language] hashish, ‘powdered hemp,’ literally ‘dry herb’
Imam [English loan words from Arabic language] imam, ‘leader, one who precedes’
Islam [English loan words from Arabic language] islam, ‘submission’ (to the will of God)
Jihad [English loan words from Arabic language] jahada, ‘he waged war’
Kismet [English loan words from Arabic language] qismah, qismat, ‘portion, lot, fate’
Koran (Qur’an) [English loan words from Arabic language] qur’a, ‘a reading, recitation, book’
Lime [English loan words from Arabic language] limah, ‘citrus fruit’
Mask [English loan words from Arabic language] maskhara, ‘buffoon’
Mosque [English loan words from Arabic language] masjid ‘temple, place of worship’
Mullah [English loan words from Arabic language] mawla ‘master’
Mummy [English loan words from Arabic language] mumiyah ’embalmed body’
Muslim [English loan words from Arabic language] muslim, one who submits’ (to the faith)
Safari [English loan words from Arabic language] safar, ‘journey’
Sahara [English loan words from Arabic language] çahra, ‘desert’
Sheikh [English loan words from Arabic language] shaykh, ‘chief,’ literally, ‘old man’
Shiite [English loan words from Arabic language] shi’ah, ‘ followers,’ members of the Shia sect of Islam who recognize Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law, as the lawful successor of the Prophet
Sofa [English loan words from Arabic language] suffah, ‘bench’
Sugar [English loan words from Arabic language] sukkar
Sunni [English loan words from Arabic language] sunna “traditional teachings of Muhammad,” Muslims who accept the orthodox tradition as well as the Qu’ran
Tariff [English loan words from Arabic language] taarif, ‘inventory of fees to be paid’

Below are Few Common Words and Phrases in Arabic Language

Yes/No [Translation in Arabic language] NaAm/La
I don't Know [Translation in Arabic language] LaaAref
Who? /What? [Translation in Arabic language] Maza/Man
Where? /Why? [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna/Lemaza
How much? [Translation in Arabic language] Kam ath-thaman
How much does it cost? [Translation in Arabic language] Kam et-taklefa
How many? [Translation in Arabic language] Kam al Aadad
Do you speak English? [Translation in Arabic language] hal TaTaKalam alanglizia
I don't speak Arabic [Translation in Arabic language] ana La ataKalam El Aarabya
What is your name? [Translation in Arabic language] ma iSmaK
Nice to meet you [Translation in Arabic language] sarertu Lemuqabalatek
My name is A K Falahi. [Translation in Arabic language] ismii A K Falahi
I Think I'm lost [Translation in Arabic language] Annee mafqood
Is it safe /dangerous? [Translation in Arabic language] Hal howa aamen/khatar
Where can I buy...? [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna yomkanany shera?
Help! [Translation in Arabic language] mosaAda
I need a doctor [Translation in Arabic language] aHtaj ela Tabib
I have a fever [Translation in Arabic language] Aendee Huma
It hurts [Translation in Arabic language] Enahu Moalem
The pain is here [Translation in Arabic language] Al alam huna
Where is the bathroom? [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna Al Hamam
Do you have a phone? [Translation in Arabic language] Hal Ladika hatef
Where is the hospital? [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna Al mustashfaa
My car has broken down [Translation in Arabic language] Sayaratee TaAtalat
Where is the nearest garage/petrol station [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna aqrab Karaj/maHatet banseen
Where is the nearest cash machine? [Translation in Arabic language] Ayna aqrab Saraf aalee
I need water/food Can you take me to...? [Translation in Arabic language] aHtaj ela myah wa TaAam hal TastatiaA An TaaKhoznee Le
My friend is hurt or sick [Translation in Arabic language] sadeeqee moTaab/mareed

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