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Transcription Services of Language Preside

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Cross Cultural Solutions - Transcription Service in Mumbai

< Transcriptions service is for major independent producers, TV networks, multimedia companies and educational organizations, Corporate Companies who find our services very professional.

Audio Transcription refers to the conversion of recorded audio files into text. It may include the transcription of digital audio formats like mp3, wav, etc. or non-digital formats like VHS, micro cassettes, standard tapes etc. While the term “audio transcription” is extremely general, the industry defines it as the transcription of any audio excluding medical dictations/recordings like conferences, interviews, meetings, dictations etc.

Here is a short list of transcription:

  • Transcription of Business meetings
  • Transcription of Conferences
  • Transcription of Seminars
  • Transcription of Interviews
  • Transcription of Focus groups
  • Transcription of Group Discussions
  • Transcription of Radio shows etc.
  • Transcription of one to one interviews
  • Transcription of multiple participant interviews
  • Transcription of police interviews
  • Transcription of legal interviews
  • Transcription of telephone call recordings
  • Transcription of marketing based interviews and research
  • Transcription of focus group interviews
  • Transcription of job interviews
  • Transcription of industry or market surveys
  • Transcription of business meetings
  • Transcription of television interviews
  • Transcription of radio interviews
  • Transcription of journalist's interviews
  • Transcription of press briefings
  • Transcription of interviews or dictations for books and articles
  • Transcription of psychological interviews
  • Transcription of meeting
  • Transcription of corporate transcriptions
  • Transcription of corporate quarterly earnings calls
  • Transcription of university lectures
  • Transcription of research
  • Transcription of key note addresses
  • Court proceeding transcription
  • Witness Statement transcription
  • Advice transcription
Mostly companies contact us for :
  • Transcription in Chinese language
  • Transcription in Korean language
  • Interpretation in Russian language
  • Transcription in French language
  • Transcription in German language
  • Transcription in Spanish language
  • Transcription in Marathi language
  • Transcription in Arabic language
  • Transcription in Farsi language


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