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Services of Punjabi Native Language

We Speak Translate, Dub and Record Punjabi Language

Translation, Interpretation, Transcription and voice over Services in Punjabi to English language and English to Punjabi and much more...ِ

Language Preside is well-known in Punjabi language translation, Punjabi language Transcription, Punjabi language Subtitling and Punjabi language interpretation services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. LP provides high quality Punjabi to English Translation and Punjabi English Interpretation Services to persons, Business Companies, translation agencies, translation enterprises, Indian tour and travels and other industries.

LP has expert translators not for Punjabi English languages, but also for Punjabi to Marathi language, Punjabi to Tamil language, Punjabi to Malayalam language, Punjabi to Telugu language, Punjabi to Gujarati language, Punjabi to Oriya language, Punjabi to Punjabi language, Punjabi to Urdu language, Punjabi to Arabic language, Punjabi to Bhojpuri language, Punjabi to Manipuri (Meiteilon) language, Punjabi to Assamese language, Punjabi to Kashmiri language, Punjabi to Bengali language, Punjabi to Punjabi language, Konkani to Punjabi language, Maithili to Punjabi language, Nepali to Punjabi language, Sanskrit to Punjabi language, Santali to Punjabi language, Sindhi to Punjabi language, Dogri to Punjabi language, Bodo to Punjabi language, Mizo to Punjabi language and Kokborok to Punjabi language, who do translation, interpretations, voice over services, transcriptions for our valued clients. Our translation, transcriptions, interpretations, voice over services is known for its total accuracy and best prices. LP has Indian native Punjabi language and other languages’ translators, interpreters, voice over resources who are qualified and have at least 5 years of experience in different domain Finance, banking, Legal, Technical, Marketing and others.

Our Punjabi English languages translators are able to translate any type of content from English language to Punjabi language and Punjabi to English Language in their expertise sectors. They do professional Punjabi Translation in all various sectors such as Legal, Medical, Technical, Publications, Automotive, and Financial at very low prices. Language Preside has professional Punjabi-English and English-Translators, interpreters, transcription, voice over services in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Patna, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Lucknow, Nagpur, Indore, and Patna and across India and they provide their professional services various business sectors.

Some Major Translation services are as bellow:

  • Website Translation Service in Punjabi Language.
  • English to Punjabi language Translation Service.
  • Cards design and Translation Services in Punjabi Language.
  • Letterhead Translation Punjabi to English Language.
  • Company Profile Translation English to Punjabi Language.
  • Portfolio Translation and Design Service in Punjabi Language.
  • Birth Certificates Translation Services in Punjabi Language.
  • Marriage Certificates Translation Punjabi to English Language.
  • Punjabi Marks Sheet Translation into English Language.
  • Punjabi Translation, Recording Services in Punjabi Language.
  • Transcriptions and translation in Punjabi Language.
  • Marathi language Agreements Translation in Punjabi Language.
  • English Partnership Deed Translation in Punjabi Language.
  • English to Punjabi language Leave and License Translation.
  • Agreements Translation Services in Punjabi Language.
  • Attorney Translation Service in Punjabi Language.
  • Films and Short story writers in Punjabi Language.
  • Punjabi Language Voice Artist and dubbing services.
  • English Books Translation Services in Punjabi Language.
  • Punjabi Book Translation Service in English Language.
  • Punjabi Article Translation in Hindi Language.
  • Books Translation Sanskrit in Punjabi Language.
  • English Novel books Translation in Punjabi Language.
  • Press Release from Punjabi to English Translation Services.


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